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Customer Portal Atrium
Customer Portal Odoo
Quotes are not visible in Atrium
Quotes are visible; different lay-out (i. e.. IQ-BVNLD-000019)
Contracts are a 9-digit number
New contract layout is SUBdigits/MRP (i. e. SUB123/12MON)
Old contracts stay with the 9-digit number, with addition of the MRP (i. e. 202312345/06MON)
Rental Agreement is called a contract Rental agreement is called a contract or a subscription (interchangeable)
Sales Order only contains sales Sales Order is the entire order that was placed: both rental and sales; different lay-out (i. e. SO-INCUSA-000009)
Sales Report only contains sales Sales Order export is called 'Order Overview'; contains full information from specific order in the export: both rental and sales
No reference number for your placed order Ticket number for your placed order