Dear valued customer,

Please be informed that our warehouse operations will be closed for inventory and Christmas break as follows:

21st December 2023 - 01st January 2024 Peachtree City/US & Leiden/NL

You will still be able to place orders and reach the Project Management team during this time however please note that we are operating with limited number of staff due to the bank holidays.

The team at Emsere wishes you a peaceful holiday break and a Happy New Year. We are looking forward continuing our business with you in 2024.

Sincerely, your local Emsere team

For a Worry-Free Clinical Trial Equipment Experience,

Emsere It
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Quotes are visible; different lay-out (i. e.. IQ-BVNLD-000019)
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Old contracts stay with the 9-digit number, with addition of the MRP (i. e. 202312345/06MON)
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Sales Order only contains sales Sales Order is the entire order that was placed: both rental and sales; different lay-out (i. e. SO-INCUSA-000009)
Sales Report only contains sales Sales Order export is called 'Order Overview'; contains full information from specific order in the export: both rental and sales
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